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You're using arrays to store your value and setter function where you're setting total as the first value (index 0) and setTotal as the second value (index 1).

The problem with this is when you write const [setTotal] = totalData; you are actually grabbing the first value in the totalData array (which is total) and renaming it as setTotal.

So now you're trying to call setTotal() but you're effectively writing total() which gives you that error.


It would be a better developer experience to store these values as keys in an object so that you can destructure them the way you want to.

Change you context provider this:

<Context.Provider value={{ totalData: { total, setTotal } }}>

Then use it like this:

const { totalData } = useContext(Context);
const { setTotal } = totalData;


If you really want to keep using arrays like you originally have been doing this, then you can destructure it like this:

const [_, setTotal] = totalData;
// Or
const setTotal = totalData[1];

This way you are grabbing the second item in your array (the set function), and simple ignoring the first (total) value.

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