Did you try selecting the button by text :

 describe('RecipeSearch', () => {
    test('test clicking the button triggers the onSubmit function', () => {
        const onSubmit = jest.fn();
        render(<RecipeSearch onSubmit={onSubmit} />);
        userEvent.selectOptions(screen.getByRole('combobox'), 'Sour');'Search'));

I'm not sure how getByRole handles a second argument in your first try, but getByText should work.


Creating an onSubmit mock and passing it as a prop won't work since the onSubmit callback is internal to the component and not a prop - you don't have access to it from the test.

Rather than testing if the onSubmit has been called, you should test the result of triggering the submit event. Which in this case could mean verifying that the axios request is made.

See How do I test axios in Jest? for examples on how to mock axios in your test.

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