Thunks return functions, not promises. For this you could look at redux-promise. But to be honest if your doing something this complex you would be much better off using redux-saga.

Another approach would be to use the concepts behind redux-api-middleware to create your own custom redux middleware. I have done this in the past to connect a message queue to redux.



You need to explicitly declare the AppThunks return type, which in this case should be a Promise containing nothing. You have already made it async so just make sure to enter the correct AppThunk return type

export const signInWithEmailAndPassword = (email: string, password: string): AppThunk<Promise<void>> => {
  return async (dispatch) => {
      // do stuff


Just add return before this line:

auth.signInWithEmailAndPassword(email, pasword).then(response=>{

So it would be:

export const signInWithEmailAndPasword =(email:string, pasword:string): AppThunk=>{
  return async (dispatch)=>{
    return auth.signInWithEmailAndPassword(email, pasword).then(response=>{

It should work.

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