Please, do not use any unless you are in the process of migrating a js project to ts (or you REALLY don't care what type the variable will be, even then you still should consider using unknown type instead.)

As for your problem, if I were you, for the quick and dirty way of displaying the "unknown" data I would do something like this (or just console.log it if data is too large):

    <h1>{ JSON.stringify(job) }</h1>

And I am guessing, from the error you just mentioned (and from the above script that will justify my guess if you include it), job is a nested object, which is not valid data for displaying in React. Probably you should destructure your job variable inside JobBoardComponent.

Again, you can avoid these kind of errors if you give your job variable a non-any type, linter will warn you if you are assigning wrong types, which you can't when using any.

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