Accepted answer

you could try this package

install it and add the script to your package.json

  "scripts": {
    "watch": "cra-build-watch"

and run it

npm run watch

more info here

and if you go to the react repo issue linked in the article you would find more workarounds



run npm run build, not npm run start

more detail

react-scripts start runs webpack-dev-server internally. as a default setting, webpack-dev-server serves bundled files from memory and does not write files in directory. if you want to write files with webpack-dev-sever, you could set writetodisk option to true in your dev server configuration.

however, i dont think this is what you want to serve on firebase emulator. webpack-dev-server does not build optimal app for production, and you also need to use react-app-rewired to customize dev server configuration in cra template.

what you want to do is npm run build to run react-scripts build, which builds optimized production app in /build directory.

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