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Andrés' answer is somewhat correct, but it does not address the exact cause of the problem, and that is iOS' App Transport Security. iOS does not allow plaintext requests (http) by default, and so you need to define a 'whitelist' of URLs that can be allowed to override this particular protection mechanism. You have that list already set up so that your app can connect to localhost during development,, so just add new entries to it. You can see how to do so in this answer. Of course, this only works if you know the list of URLs in advance, which might not suit your needs. In that case, have a look at this article.


How i make Image source with http or https url work is by resetting the android emulator am using.

You can clear the emulator by opening the android studio then click on tools tab at the top bar select AVD Manager once it open Select the emulator you are using, right click on it then select wipe data. Once that process is completed, open cmd or terminal at the root of your react-native project $ npx react-native run-android


Aside issue with HTTPS, make sure you set the width and height of the Image


Guys there is an issue with Image component is that if first time initialize the component with source={{uri : 'some link'}} it may not work (at least not for me when I fetch image from HTTPS URL from Firebase storage). The trick is you have to trigger a change to source props like first you need to keep source to source={undefined} and then change to source={{uri : 'some link'}}. Hope it would help someone


uri only works with https. In Android it should work fine with either http or https.

You will find further information here.

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