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The Facebook team recommends 'using idiomatic JavaScript concepts' when writing React code, and since there is no mixin support for ES6 classes, one should just use composition (since you are just making use of idiomatic Javascript functions).

In this case, you can have a composeModal function that takes a component and returns it wrapped in a higher-order, container component. This higher-order component will contain whatever logic, state, and props you want passed down to all of its children.

export default function composeModal(Component){

   class Modal extends React.Component {

           this.state = {/* inital state */}

       render() {
           // here you can pass down whatever you want 'inherited' by the child
           return <Component {...this.props} {..this.state}/>


   Modal.propTypes = {
      // Re-used propTypes

   return Modal

Then you can use the composition function like so:

import composeModal from './composeModal';

class RobotRetroComponent extends React.Component {

    constructor(props) {
        this.displayName = 'Retro Robot';
        // Load model here and set geometry & material

        return /* Your JSX here */

export default composeModal(RobotRetroComponent);

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