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Hah, now I'm making a project with react-router and redux too =).

Look at the official documentation about redux integration

I think the main point is order of withRouter and connect Hocs.

The problem is that Redux implements shouldComponentUpdate and there’s no indication that anything has changed if it isn’t receiving props from the router. This is straightforward to fix. Find where you connect your component and wrap it in withRouter.

From the official docs.


import { withRouter } from 'react-router-dom';
import { connect } from 'react-redux';

class Home extends React.Component {...}

export default withRouter(


I'm using react-router-dom v4.1.1. It is working for me. Here is my Demo

import React from 'react';

import Reducer1 from 'yourReducer1';
import Reducer2 from 'yourReducer2';

import {
    Switch as RouterSwitch
} from 'react-router-dom';

const App =()=> (
    <Route path="/link1" exact component={Reducer1}/>
    <Route path="/link2" exact component={Reducer2}/>     

export default App;

Hope it is helpful for you ^^

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