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Snapshots allows you to test if your component renders correctly so in your case


If you want to test the number of occurence of a given component, import your second component and create your test:

it("displays the result", () => {
  const test = Wrapper.find(Second_Component).length;
  expect(test).toEqual(1); // or the number of occurrence you're expecting

If you're interested in JSON representation of your components you can use the enzyme-to-json package which serves this purpose


I think this question has not been answered with enough details! Snapshot testing is based on history of your previous tests. When you first run a snapshot test it creates a text file including the textual render of your component tree. For example the following test:

import React from 'react';
import renderer from 'react-test-renderer';

it('renders correctly', () => {
  const tree = renderer
    .create(<Link page="">Facebook</Link>)

Will generate the following text file:

exports[`renders correctly 1`] = `

You need to keep these snapshot files in your VCS (git). When you make a change you can run these tests to see if it yet matches the snapshot text file or not.

for more reading study this document:

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