Accepted answer

Change this to context instead of contextType


i.e Your code should look like

import StoreContext from '../../context/StoreContext'

class ProductForm extends Component {
  static contextType = StoreContext

  constructor(props) {


  handleOptionChange(event) {

    const test = this.context.client.testObject


Leave the static propery as context type and access context in methods as using this.context


I would describe using context in a class component in 3 steps

define the context object with a value you want to share with entire app

const StaticBackEditor = React.createContext({isDebug: true})

wrap the entire app this context and set the values

function App() {
    return (
        <Provider store={store}>
            <StaticBackEditor.Provider value={{isDebug: true}}>
                <div className="App">
              <Layout />

use the value in a component

class Tree extends React.Component<IProps, IState> {
    // this must be named contextType!
    static contextType = StaticBackEditor 

// its wired that we need to access a static field through this , but you do!
{this.context.isDebug && <span className="debug"> 

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