I had such error when had multiple instances of React required. Is it the case for you?


I frequently see this after any component has let an uncaught exception out of its render() method. Only resolution we've found so far is refreshing the page. 😓

The React GitHub issue @JosiahDaniels linked (#4026) discusses the same behavior: "Some invariant violations leaves React in an unstable state at the moment so this is to be expected." --syranide

The issue is closed, as the onus is on the application author not to disrupt React's rendering cycle with exceptions.


You could forget exporting the component:

var MyComponent = React.createClass({

module.exports = MyComponent;

Hope that helps.


React v15 added an unstable_handleError function, which can be used to help troubleshoot this sort of issue.

Basic example:

  unstable_handleError = (error) => {

More info:


Make sure you're importing all components your using inside your render() { ... } block.

This error can be thrown if you're trying to render a component that hasn't been properly imported or is returning undefined.

If this is a case you may also be seeing a related error Uncaught TypeError: inst.render is not a function.

I try to identifying which component is causing the issue by:

  • Replace jsx with simple <div>test</div> element by element
  • If I find an element / component causing it, I make sure it is impoted, then dig deeper.
  • Look at your diff and revert code / stash code

Best of luck!

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