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By doing this,

<input type="file" onChange={(e)=>(productPicture=URL.createObjectURL([0]))} key={productPicture.inputKey}></input><br/>

You are directly trying to mutate the state, productPicture=URL.createObjectURL([0]) which is wrong. Here you are not setting state. To set actual state you need to make use of setproductPicture setter function.

<input type="file" onChange={setImage} key={productPicture.inputKey} />

And setImage function should be,

const setImage = (e) => {
  let file =[0];  //Capture the file in variable otherwise event gets nullified and you won't get file.
     file: URL.createObjectURL(file)


Note: input is an empty tag, don't close it like <input></input>. You can just do this, <input />.

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