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This isn't too bad - I do a similar thing with a couple of my apps. First, get the assets you want onto S3 using an S3 bucket.

There's a good youtube video for that here (this is about uploading from your react app, but the AWS setup is similar in some ways):

So once you have your aws bucket setup, you'll probably have one called "site_images" for example. At that point you can source those images from S3 like you would any other image:

You'd load fonts in a similar way via your css file(s) most likely with something like:

@fontface {
  font-family: 'My Awesome Font';
  src: url('')

How you do this specifically will depend on your configuration. You'll need to adjust our aws bucket for CORS which can be a bit of a snag. These links should should help you in the right direction though!

Amazon S3 CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) and Firefox cross-domain font loading


Did you try to use plugins like webpack-s3-plugin

You can define rules for all assets you need.

And of cause you'll have to eject CRA or use something kind of react-app-rewired or rescripts.

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