As stated in the previous answer the November 2021 (version 1.63) release includes JSX attribute completions, simply update and restart VSCode, on menu bar Code > Restart to Update and open your settings Code > Settings to customize options from either quotes attr='' (default) to brackets attr={} or none, which simply completes the attribute. Or add this on your settings.json file:

"javascript.preferences.jsxAttributeCompletionStyle": "auto"


Perhaps, using vscode v1.63 will help. It added this:

JSX attribute completions

When completing JSX attributes in JavaScript and TypeScript, VS Code will now automatically insert the attribute value:

The behavior of these completions can be configured using javascript.preferences.jsxAttributeCompletionStyle and typescript.preferences.jsxAttributeCompletionStyle. Possible settings values are:

auto — Infer the attribute style based on its type. Strings use attr="" while other types use attr={}.
braces — Always use braces.
None — Just complete the attribute name.

See release notes: jsx attribute completions

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