So, apparently the issue is from npm and non of us has done anything wrong, still we can use Yarn to start a new react project while they solve it, follow the steps:

step 1: yarn init -y

step 2: Insert this to package.json

"resolutions": {
    "is-promise": "2.1.0",
    "run-async/is-promise": "2.1.0"

step 3: yarn add --dev create-react-app

step 4: yarn create-react-app ../my-app


There is an error with latest create-react-app version 3.4.1

To proceed while while this is getting fixed, I was able to create a new react project with the previous version of create-react-app 3.4.0

To do this first, please remove create-react-app if you installed it globally

npm uninstall -g create-react-app

Once globally uninstalled you can use npx to create a new project

npx create-react-app@3.4.0 yourProjectName


Use the following exact command: Exact: npx react-create-app test , Your code is incorrect because react must precede create: npx create-react-app test


Try to complete uninstall node js by using revo uninstaller or delete AppData\Roaming\npm folder . I hope its will be working fine . Also dont forgot to use latest version of node js .


Following this tread I got the idea, that you need to downgrade the node version to 12.12.0 and error will disappear

Edit: As for now, this bug is fixed in 2.2.2 version of is-promise package. If you still experience problems creating new CRA, consider npm install -g --force create-react-app

If even then bug is still present, please comment your issue to this github issue

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