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devDependencies are the module dependencies which are only required during the active development of your web application. For example, when you're coding new features into your web application. A lot of devDependencies will make development easier on your end and can provide functionality such as linting, bundling, transpiling, etc...

In contrast, regular dependencies are the modules which are necessary during the runtime of your web application. I.e. these are the necessary dependencies for your web application to work correctly when other users want to interact with your web application.

Note: By module I mean the underlying code from the library which you're leveraging. A more complete definition can be found here.

Your concerns about including more code than necessary for your production bundle are valid, and I would recommend reading more about the Cost of JavaScript. However, in the beginning I would encourage one to first get a working code base, and to keep iterating and improving your code as your skillset grows. Improving performance along the way.

Lastly, some common type of devdependencies include libraries for testing your code base, building, minifying, bundling, transpiling, and linting your code as well.

Hopefully that helps!


devDependencies are dependencies only required within your development environment or that are required for you to build your UI, for example nodemon is a dev dependency because you'll never run your application with it.

One of the advantages of splitting up your devDependencies from your normal dependencies is a smaller docker image size when building your final layer.

For example, in my dockerfile I'll run a suite of tests and also build the UI which requires an npm install but when building the final image that is going to actually run I will simply copy over the built UI files via docker then I'll run an npm install --production so that my devDependencies won't install and bloat my node_modules folder.

Hope this helps.

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