Seems like you use quite amount of Chrome plugins. In Incognito-mode those are disabled by default. Try remove/disable AdBlock etc. stuff which blocks scripts and disallow them from running.

Makes quite a lot sense why they run in other browsers too.

I strongly recommend to NOT use plugins when you do web development. You might see different kind of behaviour with same code as user who do not use them. Only use this approach if you especially wan't to develop under certain conditions.


As most people suggest, it definitely sounds like a caching issue. Incognito doesn't load the page with cache. You could ctrl+f5 the page (reload without chache) and see if it still does it. If the caching itself proves to be an issue, you could add a ghost/phantom string (I don't know if that's the actual correct terminology). Basically you add,

<?php echo '?'.date('Y-m-d H:i:s'); ?>

at the end CSS or JavaScript import (whatever may cause the issue). I.e,

<script src="/js/regexps.js<?php echo '?'.date('Y-m-d H:i:s'); ?>" type="text/javascript"></script>

What this does, is that it will prevent people from caching your file, since the name of that file will change by the second. This way, you make sure that if you make changes to files that are often cached, that everyone gets the uncached changes as you update your CSS/JavaScript or whatever. This is very useful for files where you make JavaScript check for instance, in case you make changes to some regex etc.


As Nitish Phanse said, it is because the page is cached. Turning off browser caching will solve it.

I faced a similar problem, when any of the changes in CSS were not being reflected in the webpage, because the cached version was being used by chrome. However, the changes were visible in other browsers and devices. Turning off caching in chrome solved this problem for me.

I prefer to use incognito mode when developing website because when browsing normally the files are cached, thus, not reflecting the changes you made. When you use incognito mode, fresh cache and cookies are stored and the cache and cookies are disposed when you close the incognito window. Another plus point of using incognito mode for testing is that, it disables all the plugins, unless you explicitly enable them.

You might want to check out this question on Quora for further details on why to use incognito mode when developing websites.


I'm posting this in case someone else runs into it as well. I ran into this same issue where 500 kept happening for me and I knew it was not the extensions.

What fixed it for me:

  1. Open Developer Tools in Chrome
  2. Navigate to Applications Tab
  3. Click "Clear Storage
  4. Click Clear Site Data

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