Best practice is :

const [users,getUsers]= useState();
useEffect ( () => {
   axios.get("some api call")
}, []);


Making a request and changing the state on render like that will cause the component to re-render forever.

Every time the component renders, e.g. due to props changing or due to hooks changing, that axios.get request gets called. When it gets a response, it will update the state. Then, because the state has changed, the component re-renders, and axios.get is called again. And the state changes again, and the request is made again, forever.


Prefer useEffect(() => code... , []).

That said, you can also do it while avoiding an infinite loop but it's a very bad practice and I don't recommend it.

Yes, you will have a re-render but you won't have an infinite loop. Use useState's lazy init function.

const [users, getUsers] = useState(() => {
   axios.get("some api call")
     .then(res => getUsers(

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