There could be two ways I can think of -

  1. Use higher Order Components or Render Props pattern. This will extract the API call logic into a single place and then you can wrap your components to get the data. For more, you can dig in docs

  2. Use Redux and thunk to leverage store and actions. you can find redux docs over here


The answer to this question depends on what scope of resistance you want. If you want to redo the API call every reload, then you can use something like Redux to share the output across multiple components. If you want it to be stored for longer, you can use LocalStorage. Do note that you can also use LocalStorage if you want to only store temporarily, but you need to add code so that you get data from the API during application load.


For better handling fetch data and caching it for next use , you can easily use two powerful library




They can manage your fetched data and store it for you, in next use if they have your data it return cached instance of your data

Update :

If you want to save your data after reloading page you can use two useful library that can save your state to localStorage

for simple states yo can use :


and for complex state can use :


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