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this is really different, react is view library and rxjs is reactive programming library for javascript. you can use rxjs inside react view but in reactjs, people usually use a library like redux, flux, mobx or relayjs (if they use graphql) for data flow.


react is a javascript library for building user interfaces whereas rxjs is a javascript library for reactive programming using observables.

both these javascript libraries are not comparable to each other since it serve different purposes.

both these can be used together to create better single page applications.

react makes it painless to create interactive uis.

rxjs help to make it easier to compose asynchronous or callback-based code


rxjs is a library that allows us to easily create and manipulate streams of events and data. this makes developing complex but readable asynchronous code much easier.

creating large asynchronous applications is not the easiest thing to do. we have all witnessed the issues callback hell can cause. due to this growing concern, people have taken it upon themselves to improve the asynchronous javascript landscape. we have all heard of promises, generators, and async/await. there is another solution, and it is called rxjs.

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reactjs in the simple and popular term, react is the v (view) in mvc (model/view/controller).

react is a javascript library (from facebook) that is used to render views (for example, html pages) dynamically based on some state, which is often in the form of data. react then updates the generated views whenever the original state changes. react is a small but powerful library, with the power being more in the concepts than in the implementation.

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reactjs is a view library ui. reactivex or rxjs is a concept, methods or patterns for asychronous programming

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