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The reason for this error was that another instance of React packager (still on 0.28) was running in the background at the time after I updated to 0.30.

Restarting React packager solved the problem.


In my case react-server and react-project were mismatched. I was running the wrong project with the wrong Node server.


Nothing of the above worked for me, but yarn cache clean did the trick.


I was getting this same error message, although in my case it was caused by incompatibilities between dependencies.

What I did to solve it was:

  1. Create a new project using create-react-native-app foo. This should install compatible dependencies.
  2. Open your project's package.json and update the versions of the dependencies to match those in foo's package.json.
  3. Check that expo version match the sdkVersion in the file app.json and update if necessary.
  4. Delete node_modules and reinstall all the packages.

I hope it helps!


I restarted the react native by react-native start and it solved my issue.

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