If i well understand you need to keep your user logged in. I would suggest to use jwt to create a token after your user is login jwt and store the this token into localstorage.setItem(token).

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i recommend you to use this library of JWT, it works perfectly, with expressJs, after your user sign in, you give theme a JWT token like this:

const token = jwt.sign(
  { userId: user.userId, username: user.username },
  { expiresIn: "1h" }//keep connected for 1 hour

if you want to verify the JWT of the user to keep them connected or to give them some authorization you can verify by using :

jwtPayload = <any>jwt.verify(token, yourFileWItchContainTheJwtString.jwtSecret);
//save it in locals
 res.locals.jwtPayload = jwtPayload;

//Get the jwt token from the head of request (do some action with the token)

const token = <string>req.headers["auth"];

you can check the documentation

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