the below package is pre-built with default plugins.

import ClassicEditor from '@ckeditor/ckeditor5-build-classic';

In order to add or remove plugins depending on your need, you can create a custom build. Try it here.


You should build the editor from source and load the plugin using the plugins configuration. You can check out the guide for create-react-app 2 that shows what needs to be installed and how the webpack should be configured.

The way you did won't work because of two things:

  1. Building source code and built code together is forbidden and throws the Some CKEditor 5 modules are duplicated. error. You can only add a plugin that doesn't have any imports to the CKEditor 5 code.
  2. Using the plugins configuration overrides the default set of plugins. The extraPlugins option would work if it wouldn't have any imports to CKEditor 5 codebase.

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