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from what i understand, testutils.renderintodocument() returns a reactcomponent tree. then you can pull individual components out of that tree to test them.

for example, this test passes for me.

it('demonstrates the reactcomponent tree', function() {
  var react = require('react/addons');
  var testutils = react.addons.testutils;
  var mycomponent = require('../mycomponent.jsx');

  var renderedtree = testutils.renderintodocument(<mycomponent />);
  var renderedmycomponent = testutils.findrendereddomcomponentwithclass(renderedtree, 'my-component')


so if you're just rendering a single component, it will be the root of the renderedtree. but you still have to find the rendered mycomponent inside the renderedtree before you can check assertions against it.

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