So I encountered this problem trying to integrate redux-form to react-boilerplate.

This can be related to the situation when you try to use redux-form with the Redux store configured to use ImmutableJS objects.

Please, refer to the docs. Since versions 6 this is officially supported.


1) you must have special imports:

// reducer registration:
import formReducer from 'redux-form/immutable';

// form implementation:
import { Field, reduxForm } from 'redux-form/immutable' // <--- immutable import

2) you should keep in mind non-standard objects nature while implementing validation:

const validate = values => {
  // IMPORTANT: values is an Immutable.Map here!
  const errors = {};
  if (!values.get('username')) {
    errors.username = 'Required'
  return errors;


This solved the issue for me

npm install --save redux-form


I think you haven't installed 'react-redux' package. make sure it is in your package.json file. and if it is not present there please install it using 'npm install --save react-redux'


npm install react-redux  --save

This should solve the issue

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