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The problem:

You try to call this.setState in the function getData. But this does not exist in the context of this function.

The solution:

I would try to not write function in functions, but write the functions in the class.

You class could look like this:

import React, { Component } from 'react';

class DataParser extends Component {

  constructor(props) {
    // Call super class

    // Bind this to function updateData (This eliminates the error)
    this.updateData = this.updateData.bind(this);

  componentWillMount() {

    // Your parse code, but not seperated in a function
    var csvFilePath = require("./datasets/Data.csv");
    var Papa = require("papaparse/papaparse.min.js");
    Papa.parse(csvFilePath, {
      header: true,
      download: true,
      skipEmptyLines: true,
      // Here this is also available. So we can call our custom class method
      complete: this.updateData

  updateData(result) {
    const data =;
    // Here this is available and we can call this.setState (since it's binded in the constructor)
    this.setState({data: data}); // or shorter ES syntax: this.setState({ data });

  render() {
    // Your render function
    return <div>Data</div>

export default DataParser;


You can try react-papaparse for an easy way. For more detail about react-papaparse please visit react-papaparse. Thanks!


You need to bind the getData():

function getData(result) {
    console.log(result); // displays whole data
    this.setState({data: result}); // but gets error here

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