To pass with as percentage in a react component you just need to do the following width='100%'.


To make a given column resizable, set column.resizable = true.

If you need to know when a column has been resized, use the onColumnResize prop. This will be triggered when a column is resized and will report the column index and its new width.

These can be saved on the back-end and used to restore column widths when the component is initialized, by setting width key in each column.

pass resizable:true which you want to resize like below.

this._columns = [
    key: 'id',
    name: 'ID',
    resizable: true,
    width: 40
    key: 'task',
    name: 'Title',
    resizable: true

refer here for more info


I know maybe it is late but you can achieve this by setting the value as string

const columns = [
    key: 'Month',
    name: 'Mes',
    width: '50%',
    key: 'Tickets',
    name: 'Tickets',
    width: '10%',

Hope it helps

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