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Your issue is a logged bug related to offline-plugin. You can see the issue log here:

Your service worker is indeed stealing the request to _auth. If your issue is not time sensitive you might wait for that project to fix the issue and pull the update although this issue has been open since 2018. Otherwise you can look to manually add an exemption to the service worker fetch.

The most potentially succesful comment in the thread at the time of this answer suggests the following code which potentially fixes the issue:

new RemoveServiceWorkerPlugin({ filename: 'sw.js' });

new OfflinePlugin({
      relativePaths: false,
      publicPath: '/',
      appShell: '/',

      ServiceWorker: {
        output: 'newsw.js',
        events: true,
        navigateFallbackURL: '/',

      excludes: ['.htaccess', '*/__/auth*/{*.*,.*}'],

Ultimately you need to find a way to excempt the __/auth path from the service worker's processing and things should be fine.


This may not be the answer to the question. But someone may get this. I am using termly for cookie popup and management, and it had an option of completly disallowing 3rd party cookies including firebase, this was an issue and resulted in the __auth URL of firebase not reachable. Turning it off

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