I may well have this wrong, but it seems like you are replacing

export const get = (url, params, responseType = 'json') => cancellable({

with export const get = item => new Promise((resolve) => { which has a different API.

Regardless, have you tried logging the value of item in the mock get function. I'm guessing it isn't "employee" which is the only property in data.

Yes, that was my goal, to replace the call that was pointing to the backend API, with the call where I would return the mock data. I have tried to log the value of the item, but I get undefined

ok, so there's an awful lot of abstraction going on there. Id suggest starting by replacing get in data/rest/restMethods.jsx directly with a version that returns a promise, get it working, and then break it out. That way you're not dealing with too many unknowns at once.


I had done similar using redux-saga. After debugging, I had found that there must be data property as root key. Here's how you should do:

const employee = {
  data: { // root key of employee
    items: [
      { name: 'Bhojendra' },
      { name: 'Rauniyar' }

// and no need to use setTimeout, we're just resolving some constant data
export const getItems = item => new Promise(resolve => resolve(employee))

Now, I hope you know why data is undefined with your code.

Still not clear?

Response looks for the data property. That's it.

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