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TLDR; You will not be able to test media-queries with current setup (jest-dom).

After debugging and going through github repository of jest-dom, it seems it will be pretty hard to test what responsive design.

There are couple of issue with the way, jest-dom (which uses jsdom) library renders component and calculates style.

To begin with, it doesn't attach/compute styles from attached stylesheet. This came with surprise to me as I am used to test UI with Angular setup. As mentioned in the attached link, you can try to overcome this issue by manually creating style element

const style = document.createElement('style')
style.innerHTML = `
  @media screen and (min-width: 500px) {
    .title .adjectives {
      display: none;
      color: red;

or use helper function to do that as suggested in this bug.

After this change, I assumed it would work but to my surprise, it FAILED!, I checked with non-media query style and it was attaching style perfectly and that's when I discovered this TODO comment in jsdom, which makes sense as media-query styles are not working.

To conclude, it will not be possible to test media-query at the moment with react-testing-library. I haven't checked if it is working with enzyme setup, but it might who knows!

on you can use end to end testing framework such as Cypress.

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