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I solved my issue by adding a transitionDelay in the style of my ItemPreview as well as changing the timeout dynamically for each item.

The tricky part is to calculate the actual delay for each item, especially when loading new items afterwards. I ended up adding a isNew field in my items in the reducer which is set to true only for newly loaded items. This is not ideal as it involves changing my data just for animations.

    const { items } = this.props;
    let delay_index = -1;
    let delay_jump = 100;
    return (
  ,index) => { 
                delay_index += offer.isNew ? 1 : 0;
                const delay = Math.max(0, delay_index*100);

                return (
                        timeout={1000 + delay}
                                style={{transitionDelay: `${delay}ms`}} />             


I might be too late but I was facing the same issue with entering animation and my solution might be useful for someone else.

I'm using <Transition> and I've solved using a for loop in SCSS:

.fade {
    opacity: 0;
    visibility: hidden;
    transition: opacity 0.5s ease-in, visibility 0.5s;

    // adjust for loop to total number of elements
    @for $i from 1 through 5 {
      &:nth-child(#{$i}n) {
        transition-delay: #{$i * 0.25}s;

    &.entered {
      opacity: 1;
      visibility: visible;

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