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It's certainly entirely possible to do all that handling with "plain" functions and selectors. There's info on normalization in the Redux FAQ, and I have some articles on selectors and normalization as part of my React/Redux links list.

That said, I am a huge proponent of Redux-ORM. It's a fantastic tool for helping manage normalized/relational data in your Redux store. I use it for normalizing nested data, querying data, and updating that data immutably.

My Practical Redux blog post series includes two articles talking about Redux-ORM specifically: Redux-ORM Basics and Redux-ORM Concepts and Techniques. The latest post, Practical Redux Part 5: Loading and Displaying Data, shows Redux-ORM in action as well.

The author of Redux-ORM, Tommi Kaikkonen, actually just put up a beta of a major update to Redux-ORM that improves the API and behavior, which I'm looking forward to playing with.

I definitely recommend it!

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