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You should use Jests --watchAll=false flag.


npm test -- --watchAll=false

Note: this is for react-scripts > 3.00

For older versions:

  • react-scripts >= 2.1.4 < 3.00

For non-ci, eg running tests locally, you can pass a --no-watch flag:

npm test --no-watch

  • react-scripts <= 2.1.3

CRA looks for a CI environment variable, if its present it doesn't run in watch mode.

CI=true npm test should do what you are looking for

See the User Guide -> Running Tests -> On your own environment


non-interactive solution:

npm test a --watchAll=false


yarn test a --watchAll=false


In your package.json scripts:

"test": "react-scripts test --watchAll=false"

Or npm test -- --watchAll=false

Or yarn test --watchAll=false

Note: the flag used to be called --no-watch in react-scripts < 3.0:

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