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eslint "**/*.js" to run on all js files in all the folders recursively (in the current folder)

You can also do: AnyFolder/**/*.js

And to ignore a folder: eslint "**/*.js" --ignore-pattern node_modules/

Know more at eslint/command-line-interface


I'm not sure if the accepted answer is outdated, but by looking at the docs,

By default, it uses .js as the only file extension.

Also, according to a member's comment on the project's Github, using . equals running in all subdirectories. It seems to me that running eslint . should suffice (though it doesn't cover the new ES Module .mjs files).


To add to TranBrian10's solution, I installed eslint locally, so calling eslint in the terminal results in a command not found error.

I was able to get around this by using npx eslint instead:

`eslint . --ext .js` -> `npx eslint . --ext .js`

And as GollyJer noted, this won't work for Windows due to the . syntax


eslint . --ext .js to lint files with the .js extension.

The . targets files in the current directory and all subdirectories.

To include other file extensions, eslint . --ext .js,.jsx or eslint . --ext .js --ext .jsx.

The eslint documentation covers this option.

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