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if you're using window, you can try hit ctrl+m, else in mac cmd+d to open debugging menu. once it open, choose remote js debugging, it will automatically open chrome browser for you to debug js error. android studio debugging will work if you're connected on real device.

eg. of debugging menu

debugging menu

i've found out the answer for genymotion from how do you debug react-native?. don't know whether it'll work for you, but worth for try.

for an android app, if you're using genymotion you can toggle the menu by pressing ctrl + m, but you may have to enable it in the menu by :

  • untick untick widget
  • click on debug in chrome

enter image description here


now i have resolved the issue with these above comments you can click

ctrl + d and then click ctrl + m for fetching the debugging contents

then run below command for checking logs

react-native log-android 

with this you will be able to see the console logs in android studio terminal log panel.

but before this you need to run command:

npm start 

for checking latest changes by fetcing bundle directly in the simulator

thank you


instead of using simple console.log command

use reactoron for logging data here is the link:

best thing for log in react native.

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