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It looks like you're calling the fs file-exists method in your index.js file. I'm not sure in what context you're calling the method, but this looks like a client-side call to a server-side method. I ran into a similar issue just recently.

From what I understand, the main issue seems to be that you can't call server-side (Node) methods in browser-interpreted client-side (front end) code. You have to call them from a server.

Webpack can load the fs module code into your front end, but the browser can't actually interpret those Node methods and run them; only a Node environment can do that. (more here)

You could fix the core issue by modifying the call to fs methods to happen somewhere server-side, or by finding an equivalent browser-supported package that offers the same functionality as the fs methods you need but that can be run in a browser.

A quick search for "fs module for browser" brings up a variety of options that might work for what you need, like fs-web, browserify-fs or filer.

Here is a similar question with some insight. Use fs module in React.js,node.js, webpack, babel,express


node: {
  fs: 'empty'

try to add the code above to your webpack config file and the error should disappear.

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