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You touched on it at the end of your question, but there are a couple benefits. Minification is an obvious one; another is the fact that static analysis tools can more easily find usages and catch errors.

Depending on your flux implementation, they can also help you catch typos. For example, in Fluxxor, if you try to bind a store handler to an action type of undefined, you'll get an exception; that means that passing c.UPDATE_DTA will throw, but passing 'UPDATE_DTA' will not.

Finally, they can help serve as documentation. If all the action types that your application generates are defined centrally as constants, it becomes easier to tell at-a-glance what kinds of operations the system as a whole responds to.

There's an ES6 feature that is available with Babel or Traceur (but not with the JSX transform at this time) that helps create object literals; the syntax is:

var handlers = {
  [const.UPDATE_DATA]: this.handleUpdateData,
  [const.OTHER_THING]: this.handleOtherThing

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