Adding this workaround solved the same problem for me:

 "web-start": "cd web && react-scripts start"


I'd agree that Yarn workspaces may help you accomplish what you are after. Otherwise, you will have to eject as the configuration for the appIndexJs (set to /src/index.js) is set in config/paths.js in the react-scripts package. Once ejected, you can modify the config/paths.js variable appIndexJs to accommodate a varying appIndex.


For this particular use case, I would recommend you to go ahead with Yarn workspaces.

Using Yarn workspaces, you can have multiple projects inside a single repository with a main package.json file at root level that projects share and project level package.json that they don't share and use individually.

Running yarn install will install all your dependencies at the root level, which is configurable if you don't want some packages to install at root.

You can have scripts in root that can help you run internal projects in that workspace.

So your final project structure will look something like this:

- project_root
  - web
    - node_modules
    - package.json
  - mobile
    - node_modules
    - package.json

  - node_modules
  - package.json

Learn more about Yarn workspaces here:

Look at this example here to understand it's basic usage:

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