When I make a new project using React, to install the React modules I have to run "npm install" (PowerShell) from within the new projects ClientApp folder (e.g. "C:\Users\Chris\source\repos\HelloWorld2\HelloWorld2\ClientApp"). The .NET core WebApp with React needs to have the React files installed in the correct location for React commands to work properly.


This worked for me:

  • Go to the project folder in CLI and type npm install.Go for a similar command if using yarn etc.

  • Then type npm start if you are using Npm. Go for a similar command if using yarn etc.

  • The file starts working


In my case, the problem had to do with not having enough file permissions for some files the react-scripts package installation was going to write to. What solved it was running git bash as an administrator and then running npm install --save react-scripts again.


I have tried many of the solutions to this problem found on line, but in my case nothing worked except for reinstalling NVM for Windows (which I am using to manage multiple Node versions). In the installer, it detects installed Node versions and asks the user if they wish for NVM to control them. I said yes and NVM fixed all PATH issues. As a result, things worked as before. This issue may have multiple causes, but corrupted PATH is definitely one of them and (re)installing NVM fixes PATH.


This is rather old question but this might be of some help for future reference. Delete node_modules folder and run npm install again. Worked for me.


In my case , I edited my files on Linux where I had node v14.0.5 installed, when I rebooted to Windows where I had node v14.0.3 I got the same error. So I updated the node version on windows and all went fine for me.


had similar issue.. i used yarn to fix it. i noticed that react-scripts was not found in my node modules so i decided to download it with npm but i seem to be failing too. so i tried yarn ( yarn add react-scripts) and that solved the nightmare! Hope this work for you as well. Happy debuging folks.


For me, I just re-installed the react-scripts instead of react-scripts --save.


Started getting this error in Azure DevOps yesterday out of nowhere when running npm run build:

'react-scripts' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

However when looking at npm ci that completed it was full of errors like:

FetchError: Invalid response body while trying to fetch ENOENT: no such file or directory, lstat 'D:\a\1.npm_cacache\content-v2\sha512\58\0b\dc7dce0b33e86d97736b3c419005951e32af28dda3f5b8c746f16d53d4baed1dc2fd2493e9310f744696008400bf8c91ca84f9fb3ebf541ba93a541b144a'

When commenting out the cache everything started working again:

npm_config_cache: $(Pipeline.Workspace)/.npm

- task: Cache@2
    key: 'npm | "$(Agent.OS)" | $(clientApp)\package-lock.json'
    restoreKeys: |
       npm | "$(Agent.OS)"
    path: $(npm_config_cache)
  displayName: Cache npm

The weird thing is that it has worked for over a year up until yesterday (2021-12-02) and we use the exact same code for caching as Microsoft has documented.

Noting Degraded or Unhealthy on Azure DevOps Status


As for me i managed to fix this issue by install this :

npm audit fix --force

and it work after that.


first run:

npm ci


npm start


Use git bash or windows cmd with admin rights to run npm install while fixing this issue, running these commands inside the editor's terminals doesn't help.


I had the same issue. I did everything which suggested here. but nothing worked. I had installed react-scripts in my node_modules also used cache but all in vain. then I just npx create-react-app and moved all my code into this new folder and all worked.

npx create-react-app myapp


react-scripts is not recognized as an internal or external command is related to npm.

I would update all of my dependencies in my package.json files to the latest versions in both the main directory and client directory if applicable. You can do this by using an asterisk "*" instead of specifying a specific version number in your package.json files for your dependencies.

For Example:

"dependencies": {
    "body-parser": "*",
    "express": "*",
    "mongoose": "*",
    "react": "*",
    "react-dom": "*",
    "react-final-form": "*",
    "react-final-form-listeners": "*",
    "react-mapbox-gl": "*",
    "react-redux": "*",
    "react-responsive-modal": "*",

I would then make sure any package-lock.json were deleted and then run npm install and yarn install in both the main directory and the client directory as well if applicable.

You should then be able to run a yarn build and then use yarn start to run the application.


For Portable apps change


as follows

"scripts": {
    "start": "node node_modules/.bin/react-scripts start",
    "build": "node node_modules/.bin/react-scripts build",
    "test": "node node_modules/.bin/react-scripts test",
    "eject": "node node_modules/.bin/react-scripts eject"


This is how I fix it

  1. Check and Update the path variable (See below on how to update the path variable)
  2. Delete node_modules and package-lock.json
  3. run npm install
  4. run npm run start

if this didn't work, try to install the nodejs and run repair

or clean npm cache npm cache clean --force

To update the path variable

  1. press windows key
  2. Search for Edit the system environmental variable
  3. Click on Environment Variables...
  4. on System variable bottom section ( there will be two section )
  5. Select Path variable name
  6. Click Edit..
  7. Check if there is C:\Program Files\nodejs on the list, if not add this


  1. I uninstalled my Node.js and showed hidden files.

  2. Then, I went to C:\Users\yourpcname\AppData\Roaming\ and deleted the npm and npm-cache folders.

  3. Finally, I installed a new version of Node.js.


I faced the same issue. I solved it using npm audit fix --force


react-scripts should be listed as a dependency when you run npx create-react-app your-app, but for some reason, it gets this error. I will list some steps that I followed that may help you fix this error:

First, check at your React package.json if there is react-scripts or not: for example, you should see:

"dependencies": {
    "react-scripts": "4.0.3",

If it's already there, now try to re-install your dependencies with npm i

If you still get the same error, try to remove your node_modules with rm -rf node_modules/, then re-install your dependencies with npm i

BUT if the package react-scripts wasn't in your package.json file, you should install it by your package manager like: npm i react-scripts then try to start your app with npm start


To rectify this issue follow the following steps

  1. run npm install
  2. then run npm start

This worked fine for me


2022 answer: simply remove node_modules folder and run

npm install



it worked for me


To avoid this issue to re-occur or you face this issue whenever anyone downloads your project fresh.

It's better to add this in dev dependencies using this command:

npm install react-scripts --save-dev

It will get added like this.

  "devDependencies": {
    "react-scripts": "^4.0.3"

Do Commit and push your code.


Running the npm update command solved my problem.


Faced the same problem, although I am using yarn.

The following worked for me:

yarn install 
yarn start


In my situation, some problems happened with my node package. So I run npm audit fix and it fixed all problems


Running these commands worked for me:

npm cache clean --force
npm rebuild
npm install



rm -rf node_modules && npm install

Wiping node_modules first, often tends to fix a lot of weird, package related issues like that in Node.


If react-scripts is present in package.json, then just type this command

npm install

If react-scripts is not present in package.json, then you probably haven't installed it. To do that, run:

npm install react-scripts --save


It is an error about react-scripts file missing in your node_modules/ directory at the time of installation.

Check your react-script dependency is avaliable or not in package.json.

If not available then add it manually via:

npm install react-scripts --save

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