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you can create a new react app in the current directory by writing . instead of a project name.

create-react-app .


if your are using the latest version of nodejs so you can use this code:

npx create-react-app your-app-name

you check node version by this code:

node --version

it shall be above v10


create-react-app .

i've found this very useful for separating my client and server into individual directories underneath a parent project directory. this way you can keep your server and client seperate and easily know which api's are working as expected.


this works for me.

npx create-react-app .

  1. first go to the directory where you want to create react app.
  2. then run the command npx create-react-app .
  • simply putting a dot(.) instead of project name.

n.b: if you install create-react-app package directly via npm by this command npm install create-react-app, then you have to run the following command to create react app in current directory create-react-app . (no need to add npx then).


navigate to the project file and then create your app using this command

example: d:\react js projects\20-e-commerce-website> npx create-react-app .


npx create-react-app . my-app --template typescript


you can create a new react app in the current directory by writing ./ instead of a project name.

run that command in your terminal> npx create-react-app ./


ps e:\react course\covid-19-state-vice-cases>npx create-react-app ./


when you use create-react-app app-name, the part that comes after create-react-app tells cra where to create a react app. so create-react-app app-name is actually telling cra to create a react app in a new directory called 'my-app'. this can cause lots of issues with deployment for the inexperienced developer.

by using npx create-react-app . we can tell cra to create a react app here or in the current directory. this will help prevent any issues which may come from not having your react app directly in the root directory of your project or repo.


you simple type . instead of react-app-name

npx create-react-app .

if you have already had any folder name which starts with . then you will get an error. you need to remove the folder and then try above command


creating a text project in the current directory you're in is as simple as running the below command.

npx create-react-app . 

or this when you have create react app installed globally.

 create-react-app . 

one important thing i want you to notice is the full stop (or period or dot) at the end of every command. that full stop indicates that you want to create the app in the current folder.

i hope this helps


this is very simple

npx create-react-app .

note: make sure your folder name start with lowercase


in my case, i was using windows powershell and npx create-react-app ./ didn't work for me, so i ended up using this instead -

npx create-react-app .


the following works only if your current directory complies with npm naming restrictions.

npx create-react-app . 

the current directory must:

  • contain only url friendly characters
  • no capital letters

e.g., current directory cannot be named "react app". it must be "react-app".


if you've previously installed create-react-app globally via npm install -g create-react-app, we recommend you uninstall the package using npm uninstall -g create-react-app to ensure that npx always uses the latest version.

for a new version of create-react-app (v3):

npx create-react-app .

please pay attention to a full stop(dot) at the end of your command . which corresponds to a current directory

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