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Appsloveworld offer you power consumption calculator which allow you to calculate the electricity usage of your electrical devices.Using Energy calculator you can calculate power usage of the electrical devices(per day/per month/per year) and home appliances,using our online consumption calculators you can accurately calculate the power costs by your home device.
To Calculate the energy cost and power cost of your home appliance, choose a electrical device from the list below.

energy conservation for better future

Today time, Energy conservation very important.Fuel is a precious gift given to humans.
The dependency of human on fuel is increasing day by day. Humans are inventing new inventions daily for their use and comfort zone, which is increasing demands of fuel. In 90's we used the fan in Summer, but nowadays AC has become common. Similarly, the number of vehicles on the road is increasing day by day. The availability of electricity and its demand are continuously increasing.we are also using fuel faster.

  • Turn off the lights when not in use.
  • Regularly clean the stored dust on tube light, CFL and bulb, etc.
  • Use CFL instead of build to save energy.
  • Generally due to the consumption of more energy by the lamps, bulbs and other devices being used in India, 
  • about 80 percent of the electricity is wasted.
  • Using Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) bulbs, we can save electricity costs.
  • CFL bulb gives five times more light than conventional bulbs.
  • Also, the durability of the CFL bulb is eight times more than the normal bulb.
  • Fluorescent tube light and compact fluorescent light consumes less energy to operate and does not heat too much. 
  • If we use a 15-watt compact fluorescent light bulb instead of a 60-watt ordinary bulb,then we can save 45 watts of energy per hour. So that we can save up to 11 units of electricity per month and reduce your expenditure on electricity.

save  in workplace

We spend a big part of our day at our workplace. During this time we use such resources that use fuel in some way or the other.we can save energy on our office by some precautions.

  • turn-on electric appliances to be used at the time of use and immediately after use turn-off it.
  • Make wise use of the air conditioner in the office.
  • Minimize the use of printers.
  • Before switching off the office, switch off all the lights and equipment switches.
  • Shut down the computer instead of leaving it on sleep mode.

Some Facts about Fuel

  • Only 80 percent of the fuel needs of the entire world is accomplished through fossil fuels.
  • Natural gas available is a form of methane.
  • Fossil fuels were first used for power generation.
  • No technique to make fossil fuels could be developed till date.
  • In many countries of the world, natural gas is supplied directly to houses from gas wells.
  • America uses 18 million barrels of oil daily.
  • To make 1 liter of gas, 26 tons raw product has to be processed.

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