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What and how to write?

If you want to see your unique content on our blog then you are welcome. Some topics are given below for your convenience. Apart from this, you can also write Unique Educational Content.If we like your content quality, we will definitely upload Appsloveworld developers community.

If you type Tutorial on Article screenshot taking the course. If you are a video blogger, you can submit your videos to the Appsloveworld Youtube channel. Drop me an email to make a video and, I will tell you how to submit the video.

you can write your article based on the below topic.

  • Online education write for us
  • “Education” + “blogs” + “write for us”
  • Online training write for us

Guidelines Before Write For Us Any Guest Post

Before sending and writing your article, please pay attention to some of the given below. Because on the basis of that your post and article will be accepted. Otherwise, we will be bound to reject your article. Please write your Guest Post based on below points.

  • At least your post must be more than 750 Words. Try to do more on-page SEO. Content must be 100% Original and written by you. If your content has been copied from another website or blog, then we will not publish it on this Appsloveworld, so please take care of it first.
  • There should be no Self Promotional and no Affiliate Link in your content.
  • You will be given a Do-Follow Link, but it will not be of any Affiliate Product or Affiliate page.There will not be any kind of watermark on the images you have given. we will be given full credit for the post you wrote.
  • We have full right to remove all your Content / Article / Links without informing you and without giving you information.

On which conditions, we can remove your article or link without giving you information (without any information). They are given below, definitely read:

  • Your content has been copied from any other blog, we can remove it at any time.
  • If your article/content is against the terms of Google, then it will also be removed after being published. DMCA complaint content will not be on our blog.
  • If your content and your point to link will be against any community, country, state, police rules, religious organization, the government of any country, and then any other community, then your article / Content / Link should inform you at any time We can remove without. We can change our Terms & Conditions at any time.

Benefits Of Guest Post – What will be your benefit?

If you write any guest post by following all the rules given above, then you can get a lot of traffic from our blog and your blog will soon start ranking on Google.

Do-Follow Link given to you, we will never remove it, if you write any post by carefully following the rules given above.

You will get a lot of unique traffic for your blog. You can familiarize yourself and your blog to many people.

Do-Follow Link is a very good celebration in the eyes of Google, which you will get from here.

In the end, you can write some words about yourself and your blog (without any link), but that will not count in Content Words. After publishing your article, you will be given that link. Your blog will soon grow.

I hope that you have read all the above topics carefully. If not read, then it is necessary to read guest posts before sending and writing.
Otherwise, if you are not able to follow our Guidelines, then your Content Reject can be. For this reason, please read once.

After reading all the above rules, if you want to write for us, then you can contact us on

How to write good e-learning articles?

1) Write your personal experience

Whenever we write an article on a topic, it happens many times that we have a personal experience associated with that thing. We can make that story or experience in our post and make it more interesting and practical.
Always remember- In today’s era, people do not like to listen to waste knowledge even for 2 minutes, but the same stories can be read and heard for hours.

Therefore, as a writer, always translate your experiences into stories. To write well we must come to Art of Storytelling.

2) Ask Questions

Whenever a person does not get to think out of the box while reading, he does not enjoy reading that much and the question is the thing that gives a person a chance to think something different. So we should ask our readers questions in our article.

3) Make a blueprint of article

Before you start writing, think about what things, which topics are you going to cover in it. Make a blueprint of them and when everything is ready, then you can start writing the article. With this, we are able to write the post in an arranged manner and it does not miss any point.

4)Keep PARAs short:

Hardly anyone likes to read paragraphs for long, because they feel too bored to read, so paragraphs should be kept as short as possible. This keeps both the flow and interest of the reader.

Most of the world’s big writers and bloggers prefer to write things by breaking them into small paragraphs, due to which their readers also like to read their written things very much.

5)Use Include Bullet Points:

Bullet points mean short notes written in the middle of the article. Using them creates FLOW of the article and also keeps the interest of readers.Also, by including some interesting facts related to the topic in the post, readers’ attention to the article

6)Write something different from others :

Today thousands of people write their opinions on the same topic. Most of them simply follow a made-up rut, they write. Conversely, if you write something away from them, then people will be attracted to you because you have done something unique, you have done something different.

7)Show some proof:

To give your readers confidence, you can show some proof about the thing you are writing so that they can be sure that what you are saying works really.

8) Provide readers with resources :

Every article of the world’s largest and trusted blog, WIKIPEDIA has a section at the end called – REFERENCES & EXTERNAL LINKS

References and external links are given for people to read further about that topic so that they can get more information about that topic and help them.

Like Wikipedia, we can also help our readers by providing good resources (links, photos, videos, podcasts) and make our blog more reliable, popular, and go-to source for your niche.

9)Keep your language strong :

What kind of words and how you use words in your article affects your content to a great extent. Choose the words according to how you are writing the post in people, that is, what kind of people are going to read your post.

10)Provide correct information :

To prove your point correct, do not present it too much exaggeration, it reduces your readers’ trust with you. If things like facts, links, records, photos are taken from trustworthy sources (eg Wikipedia) in the article, then it would be good.

11)Some Quick Writing Tips

  • Do not repeat things repeatedly to lengthen the article, it makes boredom to read the article.
  • Grammatical Mistakes should be tried as low as possible.
  • Articles, videos, etc. should be included in the article. This does not make readers bored while reading.

Apart from this, if you have any questions then you can also contact us on .

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