Linq uses deferred execution for some tasks, for example while iterating through an IEnumerable<>, so what you call materialization includes some actual data fetching.

var reportCards = db.ScholarReportCards.Where(cr => ...); // this prepares the query 
foreach (var rc in reportCards) {} // this executes your query and calls the DB

I think that if you trace/time queries on your SQL server you may see some queries arriving during the "materialization" step. This problem may even be exacerbated by anti-patterns such as the "Select N+1" problem : for example it looks like you're not including the AcademicTerm objects in your request; if you don't resolving these will result in a select N+1, that is for every ScholarReportCard there will be a call to the DB to lazily resolve the AcademicTerm attached.

If we focus on the Linq to DB aspect, at least try not to :

  • select n+1: Include the related datatables you will need
  • select too much data: include only the columns you need in your selection (Include on the table you need)

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