linqextender gives a way to get started with linq to anything without doing the complex expression tree parsing. it gives out more or less easy data structure, without sacrificing things like projection , where , order by etc. its still under development and a starting point could be linqtoflickr.

hope you find it useful and its open to any suggestion


look at linqextender for an example of an extendable iqueryable implementation. it not only provides a good open source example, but you may find you could use that instead of developing an iqueryable implementation from scratch.


i have a pseudo-linq provider: "push linq". it's like parallel extensions in that it changes how an existing in-memory data source is used, rather than bringing another actual data source into play.

the bits are available as part of my miscutil project. it's probably best to ping me privately if you get into it and want to know more (or make suggestions).


the dblinq project is working on linq2sql support for other databases, and is now working with the mono project to become a full implementation.


we have a complete linq provider in signum framework

you can find the source here as well. (all the linq subtree).

i'ld also take a look to wayward blog


our object database db4o comes with an open source linq provider. we even provide an implementation for compactframework. to my knowledge this is the only linq provider available for compactframework.

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