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i built it with visual studio 2010, and got error messages that say i am missing and namespaces. so i would first make sure you have the dll's for those on your computer, and you have added the appropriate references to them to the project.

the complete error message is:

the command "c:\users\robert\downloads\iqtoolkit v0.17b\source\test\copyproviders.cmd bin\debug\ c:\users\robert\downloads\iqtoolkit v0.17b\source\test\" exited with code 9009.

the file copyproviders.cmd in the folder c:\users\robert\downloads\iqtoolkit v0.17b\source\test\ contains the following:

call %2copyprovider.cmd access %1 %2
call %2copyprovider.cmd sqlclient %1 %2
call %2copyprovider.cmd sqlserverce %1 %2
call %2copyprovider.cmd mysqlclient %1 %2
call %2copyprovider.cmd sqlite %1 %2 

the copyprovider.cmd file contains the following:

if exist %3..\\ xcopy /c /y %3..\\ %3%2

this is all fired off from the pre-build event command line, which can be found in the build events portion of the properties dialog for the test project. it reads as follows:

$(projectdir)copyproviders.cmd $(outdir) $(projectdir)

to get the project to build, you can just remove this line from the properties dialog, and the project will build just fine.

it seems clear that some file copying takes place during the build process, and that this file copying has something to do with the test process for the iqtoolkit. it seems that the iqtoolkit output dll is copied to each of the provider subdirectories. you can probably do this file copying manually, if you want to run the test suite.

in any case, it does appear to be a minor bug. i would let the iqtoolkit folks know about it.


just change the event to:

"$(projectdir)copyproviders.cmd" "$(outdir)" "$(projectdir)"

this can fix this problem.

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