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If I understand you correctly, you want to sort Entries by the ordinally first Event_Number in all of their nested EntryEvents collections.

If so, it seems you should select q.EventNumbers.Event_Numbers and order those. Basically, this:

        .Where(e => e.MeetId == meetId && e.LocationId == locationId)
        .OrderBy(p => p.EntryEvents
            .Select(q => q.EventNumbers.Event_Number)
            .OrderBy(n => n)

To check the ordering, you may want to turn to query syntax:

from e in _context.Entries
where e.MeetId == meetId && e.LocationId == locationId
let firstNumber = e.EntryEvents
                   .Select(q => q.EventNumbers.Event_Number)
                   .OrderBy(n => n)
orderby firstNumber
select new { firstNumber, e.Name } // Or some other property to identify Entry

If that is not the ordering you expected, I think you have to formulate the ordering differently.

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