Accepted answer

The most likely reason for the discrepancy is that EF evaluates the first condition in memory, after retrieving all rows from RDBMS.

Microsoft documentation says the following about Client vs. Server Evaluation:

Entity Framework Core supports parts of the query being evaluated on the client and parts of it being pushed to the database. It is up to the database provider to determine which parts of the query will be evaluated in the database.

Your EF DB provider could not send scannerInput.Text.ToUpper() to RDBMS for evaluation, so it did all comparisons in memory, after retrieving data rows from the database. This decision is correct, because EF DB provider cannot assume that consecutive evaluations of the above expression would yield identical results.

Second query, on the other hand, used a captured variable for the query. The value of that variable is guaranteed to stay constant while EF runs the query, so it proceeded to evaluating the request on the RDBMS side.

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