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I use LINQBridge because we have some PCs here that our users use that are on Win2k, so no .net 3.5 support. I find that the IEnumberable stuff is excellent, and its performance is on par with Microsoft. It is missing the entire IQueryable thing, though, and I don't think it has the XElement stuff or the LINQ-TO-SQL stuff.


Sheer size? Even at 200mb, does it really matter? Put it on once and get happy.


Having to install 200mb across 500+ computers (as we would have to do here) is a royal pain.

You can use ASUS to help spam it across, but 200MB is still alot of space.

That being said, Yes. It has made us stop and re-consider whether we move to 3.5 or continue writing everything in 2.0. At this point, we are writing most things in 2.0, and we are distributing 3.5 to machines as-needed for the one-off projects where we do use 3.5 for.

When we have a good user base of 3.5 implemented and the older machines (with the smaller drives) have been replaced by attrition, then we will probably move completely to the 3.5 framework.

By then, MS will probably have 5.0, but hey.. we're moving forward. =)

As for LinqBridge... no. If I'm going to code with Linq, I'm going to do it right, not half-and-half.

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