If (comments) users will want to search partially on dates, then honestly: the best thing to do is for your code to inspect their input, and parse that into a range query. So; if you see "12/04", you might parse that into a day (in the current year, applying your choice of dd/mm vs mm/dd), and then do a range query on >= that day and < the next day. Similarly, if you see "2021", your code should do the same, but as a range query. Trying to do a naïve partial match is not only computationally expensive (and hard to write as a query): it also isn't very useful to the user. Searching just on "2" for example - just isn't meaningful as a "contains" query.

Then what you have is:

(var startInc, var endExc) = ParseRange(searchTerm);
samuraisQueryable = samuraisQueryable.Where(
    x => x.CreatedDate >= startInc && x.CreationDate < endExc);

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