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You can get rid of the inner loop using System.Linq. Also simplify code by using foreach instead of for for main loop:

ConcurrentDictionary<string, string> compareDictionary = new ConcurrentDictionary<string, string>();

foreach (var element in list1)
   var item1Name= element.Name.ToString();
   var item1Id= element.ID.ToString();
   // If this element has already one correspondence, TryAdd will fail anyway
   if(compareDictionary.ContainsKey(item1Id)) continue; 

   var found = list2.FirstOrDefault(item => item1Name.Contains(item.item2Name.ToLower()));
   if(found != null)
          compareDictionary.TryAdd(item1Id, item.item2Id);

Depending on your elements naming, you also could need to make item1Name lower case. Your code will in fact find this correspondence:

Parentwithlittlechild --> LittleChild

but not this:

ParentWithLittleChild --> LittleChild

because "LittleChild" would be lower cased, and String.Contains works case sensitively by default. You could also use IndexOf method with StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase, like this:

var found = list2.FirstOrDefault(item => item1Name.IndexOf(item.item2Name, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) >= 0);

Final consideration: element.Name is probably already of type string, unless your Item1.Name property is some funny type. If so, element.Name.ToString() is convertible in just element.Name.


Couple of code snippets to find the matches and add the ids of the two objects in a ConcurrentDictionary<string, string>.

So we have:

var dict = new ConcurrentDictionary<string, string>();


list1.ForEach(x =>
    list2.Where(y => y.Item2Name.IndexOf(x.Name, StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase) >= 0)
    .ToList().ForEach(y => dict.TryAdd(x.ID, y.Item2Id));


(from x in list1
    from y in list2
    where x.Name.IndexOf(y.Item2Name, StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase) >= 0
    select (x, y)).ToList().ForEach(item => dict.TryAdd(item.x.ID, item.y.Item2Id));

Side Note

  • If both Item1.Name and Item2.Item2Name properties are of string type, then no need to use ToString() function like in var item1Name= list1[i].Name.ToString(); line.

  • If both Item1.ID and Item2.Item2Id properties are of int type, then the proper type of both Key and Value pairs of the dictionary is the int type. So:

var dict = new ConcurrentDictionary<int, int>();

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